Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm Doing Good

An update..

I'm doing good; I'm moving on; The only thing that's left in my mind is that: will this feelings stay after I see him again?
I've never seen him for like 2 weeks and that's a big help, and on Monday, we'll be back in our old place, and that opens up the idea of seeing him again- thrice a week.
Wheew! I don't know how am I able to do this, maybe because I just pray and cry whenever I feel like crying. Wait, there's something new..I only cried for 2 nights I think, and that's new coz before, I used to cry almost every night..and now, Wow! 2 nights,! but, the pain still lingers inside, I mean, there's a little pain and bitterness left inside..and I just don't know how to let them go out of my system..

But,,I'm really trying to be super GOOD. I'm trying to be super FINE..
One day, I know,,I'll love truly,,and one day,,someone will love me too more than the way I wanted to be loved..for now,,I'm healing,,Tomorrow, I'll be fine,,I'll be showing everyone my big smile


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