Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I don't know,,I'm just happy

I'm happy,,I don't know why,,I never fail to smile each and every new day..maybe because,,I'm beginning to appreciate things I have..and I just get to know that I CAN LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT HIM.

Kasi nga, it became easy for me to forget him, dahil lumipat kami sa Andrew for 2 weeks so, of big help talaga yun, and until now, I haven't seen him kahit bumalik na kami sa Miguel. and what I can't explain is how am I able to get over someone as fast as this.,haha, pretty new. Haha

I think I saw him this morning.,I'm not sure..well, I don't care.,sorry,.I'm so mean,.hehe..joke lang yun.,what I mean is,.wala lang kung siya nga yun,.I think he's happy naman with where he is now, and I'm happy naman also with where I am now. According to his survey, he's not happy daw,.well, that's soo sad.,if it's indeed true.,wala na kong dapat pakialaman dun.,it's his life; not mine; and if that's what he wants, e di yun.,basta sana,.soon, he'll find the way to happiness. haha. I haven't talked to him for sooo 3 weeks.*toinkz! and ganun na lang talaga ang life para sa aming dalawa..Anyway,.I'm learning to be happy without him..and,,I think.,I'm quite ready na to be his friend. Siguro, kasi baka ganun talaga ang mas bagay sa amin.,pero ngayon, hindi ko alam kung friend pa yung tingin niya sa akin after all the things I've said here.Haay,.anyway tapos na yun.,I'm almost over him.

One of these days.,I'm sure.,wala na talaga yung sa kanya.,as in totally., and that will be very good


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