Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'm tired, yeah, I'm stressed and it's visible, see my eyes and you'll see, but I'm trying to look pretty still. Haha.
This coming week will be the last regular week of the term, and it keeps me like, awww! I'm going to miss my friends again, but then again, it's a musr, a term has to end in order for us to graduate, ehe, I mean, we all need to move on ayt? Hopefully, I'll be able to do all of the required stuff for my majors and hmmm, I think, PE's the only hassle subject, I don't wanna dance on the 31st but Ms. Calabio said it's our final practical exam, we still have classes on March 31 for our FILMCRI, I'm not sure of the time, either 9-12 or 8-1, yeah, I can't remember, hehe.
I actually started the week wrong, and I must end it right, hehe, of course, I got so pissed at the start of the week all because of my kikay kiy - i forgot to put it in my bag, and it's like, grrrr! I hate it. Thank God, I only have 2 subjects for that day, because if not, I'll be in a bad mood for the whole day, haha.
Lovelife: Hmm, Ericka said I'm in love.,definitely not! I'm sure I'm not. Yeah, I like this guy but I don't have plans of being serious with it, I will opt to stay as his friend because I enjoy being his friend, he's really a wonderful friend. (Do I need to talk about spending another term with him next school year? hehe. I hope he will not read this, hehe)
Hmmm, talking about the last special guy in my life, naks! drama, we talked after a month. He asked me why am I not talking to him over YM, he implies why he's always the one who starts the conversation, and I just don't know how to answer him, I said I'm shy to start because he's always on a busy mode, and he said it's just a status, well, honestly, I want to talk to him, after what happened, I realized I have to just keep my mouth shut and forget about the bad things coz they will not help, I'm just shy because I know that he knows that I like him, that's why and I'm like why will I be the one? I'm just keeping safe, and my friends advised me not to start the conversation, let him be the one.,
Ahmm,.I must be honest, I said I'm moving on.,and on the process of healing, and I guess, realizing that in a way, He's still special does not affect what I'm doing and going through. I liked him once, I've been honest to him and I guess, what we have deserves a second chance, I don't want to be so unreasonable, all because of that stupid 'I DON'T CARE' thing, yeah, he might seem 'bad' for what he said but I know I also have the fault because if I didn't look at his survey, I wouldn't know about it, but,.I've been hurt,and it's done. Okay, do I need to forgive him where I can't find any reasons to forgive? Do I need to think that what happened is all because of his faults? arrghh.,I don't wanna think, I'm tired.,past is past, we're okay now and that's what matters most.


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