Friday, February 16, 2007

What do I need know?..and things to do

What do I need to Know?
1. If he's worth my time.
2. If he's worth my attention.
3. If he's worth my care.
4. If he's worthy of my tears.
5. If he's worth all the pain.
6. How can I forget him?

7.. If I'm going to cut my hair short.
8. How to save money.
9. When will I finish all the papers?
10. How can I get to LS from Andrew without being late?

Things to do..
1. PHILPER homework
2. ENGLTRI Speech
3. Story for TWS
4. Study LITERA2
5. Study for FILDIAS
6.Greet Sir Winton on Sunday, Haha, Wee! Happy Birthday Sir Winton!
7. Print: ENGLTRI outline, PHILPER hw, LITERA2 poetry stuff, guide questions for FILDIAS
8. FILDIAS paper
9. Story Concept for FILMCRI
10. Research about Tango


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