Sunday, February 11, 2007

So What to do Now?

Im not yet done with my engltri homework - persuasive speech outline..because i'm not really decided with my topic,,'s so badtrip! And I still have to do another story for T.W.S. (Tamaraw Writing Workshop). Although joining T.W.S. is just optional, I just can't turn down the opportunity and the experience, I don't care if I will not be one of the 15 finalists or final participants of the workshop, what I'm after is or are the lesson or lessons that I'll be getting. I've been waiting for workshops to come and this T.W.S is I think, one good chance. Also, one of the profs in Filipi department told me about the creative writing workshop that will be hosted by UST this coming April, he gave me the contact number and I'm not yet decided if I'll call UST or not, maybe..yes,,if I didn't hear any other workshops..maybe no..if I will be busy on other things like I wanna take up voice lessons talaga this summer or personality development sessions,,hehe..or driving lessons perhaps,,haha,,dami kong gustong gawin,,haay,,sana lang magawa ko any of those.

Anyway, I think I have to stop here for now coz I still have to finish my persuasive speech outline.


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