Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Joanne, Excited ka?

I'm so maaga here in school, kaya here I am, blogging again. M waiting for AJ,,hehe,.,Kasi I want to make sabay to my kid brothers papalabas ng subdivision so napaaga tuloy ako,,dapat mga 730 pa talaga ako aalis kaso hassle talaga sa Cavite.

Ayan,,kakatext lang ni Jana. Wee! She can come with us tomorrow. So, we'll be three na tomorrow. 3 Single girls in one day. Ahmm, I forget something..Three Goddesses in one day! HAha. Tin, Me, and Jana. KAso, I don't have a place pa in mind, pero the time I think is 1:00 pm, kasi until 12:40 pa ko in school tomorrow. And I can't cut naman my PHILPER class coz I wanna have a plus .5. Hehe. and also, favorite subject ko yun, and pati yung prof gusto ko..hehe,,sobrang enjoy ang claz..hehe,,

Ngayon, I'm having soo sooo sooo much fun. IDK why I'm happy..I guess..I'm just realizng how beautiful this world is kapag you're with people you like most..and siyempre..I hope this happiness won't end. *sigh*


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