Tuesday, February 20, 2007



I feel bad,,can't he watch his words? I don't know if he means it but what has been said already hit me. I've never been this hurt before,,and I just can't imagine how that one person will ever hurt me this way. I've been good, and I tried everything to be good and I just can't understand why he has to be that kind of a,,I don't know,,I'm hurt, I'm in pain, I cried yesterday, now,,is he happy for the outcome of his words?

Okay, so let's say, he didn't tell me to like him, and this is my own, but I didn't mean to feel this way also., and if I can only turn back the hands, I'm not gonna fall for him,. and I'd rather stay happy without having someone to like to.
Another, he didn't ask me to stay right beside him, and again, my own, I decided to stay right by his side, but I never expected he'll reciprocate to my every action of showing how much I care, but I will never deny that I once hope that one day, he'll gonna realize things and he can move on. I don't know if he did absorb my words, and i guess, I DON'T WANNA CARE if he can't move on. I've said what I think he deserves to know, and although I promised to that person that I'm not gonna leave him even if he doesn't need me, I have to know where I put myself, and I think, I don't have a room anymore to stay, sorry,,but I guess, my promise has to be broken,. but, one thing I have to say: if time and fate will permit that we're going to be friends again, I'm very much willing to be, but for now, I don't think I'll still be a good friend to him, I just need time to heal, and I need to move on first.

Okay, so, I have said what I have to say.,

Hey you,
if you read this., I'm sorry if I caused you confusion. I'm sorry for the words I used here but this is my blog, and I have all the rights to say whatever I want to,,sorry, I can't WATCH my words here.


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