Friday, January 05, 2007

Third Term Is About To Start

Our term break is about to end, two days from now. And I Hate it. I have to go back with my usual routine:

wake up early (now during THs and Ms only)
type, type and type
print, print and print
sleep late
meet up with traffic
etc. etc.
*A Big sigh*
I have to study, I guess, harder. because I have majors now and I have to be serious in those subjects because I don't want to be removed in the D.L. My dad will be homw this March or April and I have to show him how serious I am in school, I want to show him how I value my studies and all other serious stuff.
Being in the dl feels great and it's indeed a source of inspiration too.
I still cannot grasp the fact that third term is about to start..but I have to.


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