Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still About Him

Kung sasabihin ko ang totoo,,magbabago pa ba ang mundo mo? - my stat message.

I'm meaning it. Yes, coz he used to tell me people change.
He told me:
magbabago rin ang ihip ng hangin
-paano mo sasabihin ulit sa akin ang bagay na yan kapag nalaman mo na ang totoo?
baka kailangan mo lang ipakita na karapat dapat ka?
-napapansin mo bang ipinapakita ko sa'yo ang totoong ako?
baka talagang hindi sapat yun para maging
karapat dapat ako sa'yo.
I'm missing him. Yes, and today, I'm missing him more. I always remember the good old times we shared. I don't know why I can't move on from the last term. Is at all because of him?
I'm still with my friends this term, but not without him.
He said we're friends, and I guess, he mean it.
Although I'm certain about it, I still can't help but be sad about the fact that the possibility of seeing him and talking to him this term is very little. And it hurts me.
Valentines is fast approaching.
I'm not expecting anything.
I know it will just be another ordinary day.
What I just don't like to see is him- with the girl he likes.
Maybe, I can't take it.
I can't bare seeing them, both having smiles on their faces.
I may sound selfish, but I'm just being true.
It's not the matter of being selfish, it's just that if that can happen, I wat it to happen without me knowing.
But I guess, the possibility of it is in its littlest.
The girl I think doesn't like him.
So I used to tell him, "maybe it's never meant to be"
I just hope, he listens to my advice.
That's one of the things that can make me smile.
But, just in case, he doesn't and continuously get hurt,
I'd feel bad for not being the greatest adviser.
as an ending, I want to leave a message for him:
just in case you feel like you can't find yourself
you know how to keep in touch with me
I maybe hurting more
But I can hide every feeling of hurt just to give you the best advice
Never think no girl adores you
You just ignore her
And that's me
You ignore me because you're mind's closed
As well as your heart
You're one special friend
And You'll always be that one special guy I know.


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