Friday, January 05, 2007

One Happy Day

And so I had a nice Wednesday! (Dec. 27, 2006)My senior friends had a sort of a reunion..or somewhat a get together, if that's how you call it.We were only few but we still enjoyed and had fun.I was expecting Sir Louie to come but I didn't know whom he had talked to, he didn't show up.And oh, before I forget, here were the people who attended the Wednesday blast:me,bez tin, bry, ranj, vinch, lian, jana tootz, lee, april and jolo. Like what I've said, were only few. =D
1st stop: We had our lunch at Balinsasayaw (along Aguinaldo Highway, right after Bypass - Silang, Cavite)Tin, since she was living in Mendez, was the first one to arrived.While she was waiting for others to come, I was also waiting for Jana and Bry to arrive at Mercury Dasma since I had nowhere to go.Vinci was on his way to Silang and while I was at Dasma, he was still in SM Bacoor I think, Haha, (Vinch, just correct me, Haha, If you get to read this)So Tin was like "kamusta naman ang paghihintay natin?" and me was "Onga e!",,fast forward
after like 30 minutes or more, Bry arrived. Tin was already with Lian and later on Ranjel arrived at Balinsasayaw as well.Bry and I waited for Jana, and she arrived after a few minutes.
We (Bry, Jana tootz and I) waited for an airconditioned bus since I told them not to ride on a loser bus.
Joanne's Dictionary:
loser bus - ordinary bus that look like bulok
And so, a bus came, I even told them, "Oh, baka nakasakay diyan si Vinci!"
Jana: "Onga, ayan nga si Vinci"
Haha, and so, we were four on that bus but we never seated close coz the front seats were occupied.
We sat at the backWe were making fun of Vinch's ears.We texted him "Vinch, we can see your ears from here!"Jana texted him " Bebe, I wanna eat your ears, something like that. Haha.
to sum up what had happened:
we had lunch at BalinsasayawWe watched Kasal Kasali Kasalo
The Girls, including me, were reacting while the movie goes on.Especially during the scene wherein Judy Ann found out that Ryan had a mistress.
I told bryan: Men are polygamous. Haha. of course Bryan didn't agree! Haha!


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