Friday, January 05, 2007

At LAst.,

I haven't blog for quite a long time..and I have reasons for it
1.I was lazy.
2.My pc's not working fast (Dad, please come home now,I guess, I need the laptop now. haha)
3.Not feeling well the past few days.
Oh well, what could I say. The opening of this year wasn't really goodfor our health.My mom's sick Last Monday, so I did some chores.My temperature had gone to 38 last transferred the virus to me.My brother, JB, was sick last WednesdayThursday, Ja's Sick.
So, san ka pa dba? Umikot ang Virus.I told my mom: Ma, ano ka ba naman, ang tindi naman ng virus mo, umikot sa min.
My mom just listened, she knew it was only a joke.
Last Wednesday
Jamu and I met upAnother videoke Day.
I've discovered songs na applicable sa kin ngayon. Hehe.LIke Toni Gonzaga's We Belong the best part of Toni's song na nakarelate ako nang todo:
Hoping that someday
For that hello, just a simple hello
And maybe tomorrow
I’m the reason you’ll smile
And you make my day
Kasi, the Guy I like now (read: Like lang) likes someone else and he's hurting also.So, in my part, parang, how I wish I was that girl you like so you won't get hurt anymore.
Pero kahit na ganun, Happy pa rin ako na nakakausap ko yung guy even not personally na, kasi ngaterm break ngayon. Sayang, 'that' subject, had to end soooo sooon
Pero hiling ko na lang, ngayong term kahit na we have our own lives and busy days dahil magsschool na naman, ay magcontinue ang friendship namin. And yung communication of course. That's very essential.
Anyway, last night was really a shocking one for me.I've read something na sobrang revelation.
I have a message for the people na nakakaalam kung ano yun:Please, ako na po nakikiusap, sana atin atin na lang.Wag na rin po siguro nating itanong dun sa taong involved ang mga bagay na matagal nang tapos.Sana po wag niyong masamain. Atin atin na lang sana yung mga nabasa natin.
Salamat po and I hope you understand.
Friday:I enrolled. I didn't see my friends.Well I guess, that would be reserved for Monday so that magiging surprised sa kanilayung new look ko ngayon. Haha. Oh Yes,new look. Nag pa trim ako ng hair and my bangs na ko ngayon. =P
Haha. Well, friends, gotta see You On Monday. **hug**huG***


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