Friday, December 01, 2006

The Term Is About To End

I hate to think about the term. It makes me sad to know that I have to say goodbye again to everything and to everyone that enveloped this term. I'm still enjoying the company of the people I met. After this coming week, I don't know how to begin a new life and a new term, it makes my heart melt to remember how things have to change and that we all have to move on. The next week will be the last regular week of the term. And it only means that another term is about to begin and that this term has to take its final bow.

NO more:
No more linear equations, inequalities, word problems, etc. Say Hello to taxations! Two terms from now, maybe. I don't know if I want to rejoice because I still have the finals in ALGE101, and it's my only exam for the term. My only concern about alge is for me to get a 2.5, that isn't bad for me coz I'm not good at it, I even hate it because it gives me headaches. hehe. I maybe exaggerating, please forgive me math geeks. Okay, let's go back to the world. No more **** ****, ! And I don't know how to show him how thankful I am for making my term special and memorable. Aside from my new found friends this term, **** **** became an additional worth keeping person this term, hehe, he put back the lost beam in my face which I mentioned in my previous post and it's true, I don't feel like stressed every TH and maybe because part of the reason is him.I want to be sad because I never have enough time to be with him, but I think, I'll regret more if I never met him. Hmmm, I cannot remember how many times I mentioned something about him here. I'll never get tired posting things about him, hehe, maybe, probably, Haha. Anyway, let's get serious. I'll reall miss everything about this term, I mean, even if I feel stressed sometimes, I don't feel like having a bad mood for the whole week.Beore I want to go home even if I have just arrived in school, but this term's different, I want to stay in school as long as I want to, because I feel like spending hours with my friends just chatting about anything we like to share.

Hmm, I want to make this entry longer but I have to do something else.

I'll be posting again the next time I'm free.


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