Friday, December 08, 2006

I Should Be Happy but I couldn't

The term was about to take its final bow, I only have one exam left and that's ALGE101. May fate lies on my Algeb, coz If I'd get at least 90+ in the finals, I'd surely make it to the dl, if I won't I still do not know but It's better to work hard so there would surely be a good result.
Well, I wasn't bitter but I couldn't be happy with my 3.5 in my HISTCIV, how could I? I got 4.0 during the midterms and I lost .5 all because of my stupid quizzes! I said I wasn't bitter, do yeah think I sounded one?
GENDERS- aww, I really felt sad, I had sooo much fun in this class; and, also, I learned a lot, honestly!! I'd be missing my groupmates and Sir Mike as well (ps. Andre, gotta see you next term!). I'd be posting more about my GENDERS ater a few days or as soon as possible coz m running out of time, I hafta go coz we'd go to church.


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