Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Happy Christmas

Few hours to go and it's Christmas already, so I want to say Happy Christmas to everyone!Well, this afternoon, we went to my Ninang's place in Medicion. We had our luch there.And since there were a lot of food, we also had a merienda. Hehe. Forget about my diet. I'd cut it for this season. Hehe.

And so, a lot of my friends already greeted me this morning and many had just texted me, extending their greetings to me and my family. Wehehe. Nice Friends!

I had a wonderful start (of this day) btw, when I looked at my fone this morning, someone texted me and Oooops, it was him, so I was like having a crazy morning, he sent me a quote and that was it. Hehe. I knew there was really nothing special about it, or if there's a special thing in there, maybe because we're friends (perhaps. ) I knew who he adores, although I didn't know the girl's name so I guess, there's nothing special beyond friendship for now.

And so..and soo..and sooo..I guess I had to make this blog short.


Happy Happy Christmas everyone!


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