Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Foundation Day, Gala and Shopping days

Foundation Day
I went to my brothers' school (which happened to be my former school) last Sunday for their Foundation Day. I took pictures of them while they were dancing. Too bad I couldn't upload em here coz my pc's not high tech and I had to wait for my laptop so I could put em here or in my multiply. But I'd be putting those pics sooon. Hehe. Wait for 07!
Gala and Shopping Days
I forgot to blog again the gala and shopping days with mom last week. Well Tuesday and Wednesday last week, mom and I went to SMB. Tuesday was alloted for my brothers. Mom bought them shoes and clothes. We ate at Kenny and my brother JB ate like a big man. Since I eat slow, he took my remaining chicken strips! He even asked if he could get one, I looked at mom and she told me to give a half, I gave him the bigger half but he wasn't happy, he took all of the remaining strips in my plate.
Wednesday was alloted for the curtains. Mom bought curtains for the living room and for the dining room. I did shop for the following: clothes again (for next term), necklaces (beaded) and 2 way foundation slash powder (maybelline). So wala na naman akong pera!
Anyway, Mom and I went to RP yesterday. We bought clothes. Hehe. Of course she paid for my clothes. Hehe. I bought a top at Candy and skinny jeans sa Jag. I bought a red shirt ( I paid for it), coz I wanted a red shirt and the one mom bought me was kinda formal so I bought a seem-to-be casual shirt. I spent again! haaay. I bought a necklace again and a pair of earrings.
Anyway, gotta leave, I have to eat. Hehe. =)


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