Monday, December 11, 2006

Feel Better

Aj and I had planned to go to Starbucks during the Finals Week. And Hey, I was happy it pursued. I told her a few weeks ago that I wanna have some time at Starbucks to release my sadness - sadness of being away from j, because the term was about to end and I just couldn't forget my crush - J. Well, honestly, I'd been bugging my friends since the last regular class, hmmm, wait, I think I forgot already the day I started bugging them, hehe, well, more or less, or if I was not mistaken, Dec. 7 - the last day of regular classes. Hehe. (why did I repeat?!, hehe, crazy!)

Anyway, here were some of the pics taken at Starbucks this morning. You could check my multiply for more pics (that would be - If I already uploaded the pics. hehe. kiddin!)

We want to feel Better. (Aj's Caramel Frap and My Strawberries and Cream)

Can't Get Enough - Aj

Zip - Me. Feeling Endorser

Hmmm, after the zip, I still couldn't get J out of my mind. Gosssh, I hate this feeling, I mean, this feeling seemed like I was longing for him and all, haaay, maybe, He was more than the Strawberries and Cream (venti size).


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