Friday, December 22, 2006

Drama Season

I'd been supplying my system with sentimental songs these past few nights. I couldn't understant why this melancholy doesn't stop! I hate it! I couldn't enjoy this short vacation! Haay, was it because of him? Him again? It seemed that I couldn't really forget him and the short time we've shared. Sabagay who could forget such a good guy? Like what I've told my friends, it's hard to resist him and maybe, I was just proving my words through my feelings. Ahh, it's Christmas, I should be happy and all, but. awww, maybe I was just paranoid or insane perhaps.

Tets woke me up this afternoon. She made me realized what should I had to. She was right, he never promised me anything. It was just me who considered his simple words a promise. Haaay, foolish me. I was crazy, maybe. I couldn't understand simple things. It was me who's putting my season in desolation.

Well, if it's indeed my fault, I should have known how to patch things up.

Just a thought..why couldn't I enjoy him being just a newly found friend? Why expect more than what he could give? Just a thought..I could be happy being his friend, I could enjoy his company perhaps if fate would permit me..or permit us..

I know, there's a purpose why we met. I may not know it now, but, if we could be together, then, it should not be me who had to make the way.

Another realization..Tet's right in saying that if there's really something special between the two of us, frequent communication would not be a requirement, it's's really fate that would bring us back together.


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