Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Curtains Will Officially close Today

Well, today's our course card distribution, and I'm still here., at home.,coz the start of my course card distri is 1:00 pm - GENDERS. I hope I will not be late hehe. *wish*wish*wish.
Until now, I still cannot believe that the term is done and today, the curtains will officially close. This term seems to be so short but the memories are not. I may sound too dramatic but I don't care. Everyone has the right to be sentimental. =D Seriously, I don't really care if I sound emotional, dramatic or whatever you call it, people have known me as emotional. Anyway, I do hope the people I've met this term will do keep in touch. Ehe. guys, please do! Haha, I'm like begging you! Haha. Joke. Seriously, I'll miss you guys and if you have time, you can always send me a message or messages through my e-mail: jnnea3mcmt@yahoo; ym: jnnea3mcmt@yahoo.com, or through friendster. You're also free to text me, if you don't know my number, just send me a message through ym or friendster, I will not care whatever you're a GLOBE (like me), SUN or SMART subscriber, I always have an extra load.
Really, this term has been a great one. I will always love to go back to this term.
This term's a great one because..
1. I've gained more friends.
2. I've enjoyed so much.
3. I've spotted a crush. *laughs so hard*
4. I've learned how to be inspired amidst the stressful days.
5. and many more
Well I hope the closing of this term will not be the end but a start of another colorful and wonderful moments and days. =)


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