Thursday, December 14, 2006


Last Monday was my first and last finals. It was ALGE101’s day. And I was kinda pissed off with the last number in part II. It’s worth 10 pts and I didn’t get it. But I wasn’t panicking when I was answering that number coz I was quite sure with the rest of my answers. Haayyy, I just hope Ms. Arellano would be very considerate. And oh, I forgot to blog that I already talked to her last week.

ME: Miss. Hindi ko po ma estimate yung dapat kong makuha sa finals para makuha ko yung grade na gusto ko.

MISS ARELLANO: (She got what I meant na naghahabol ako ) Ano bang target grade mo?

ME: At least 2.0 po sana. Para po makapag DL. (Miss understood what I wanted). Sayang naman po kasi ang DL.

It was pretty hard to talk to my professor coz I was like begging her to consider my plea, but that’s the only way I knew to tell her how much I value my achievement (being a first honors – dl) and my studies. My friends knew how OC I was like I had a planner to jot down every date of submissions and all other dates to remember.

Back to ALGE101 finals/Monday (yep, yesterday!) I wasn’t late. Thank goodness! I woke up early, around 2:30 I think, to finish reviewing since I just slept the whole Sunday night. I started my routine at around 5 and I got fixed at 6. Wheew, that was a little fast , hehe.
The finals was hard but our quizzes were harder. I was just quite nervous coz ALGE101 would dictate if I’d make it, still, to the DL.

I already got my FILIPI3 course card, I got 4.0. Before I got my FILIPI3 course card, I’d been telling AJ that I’d feel bad if I won’t get a 4.0 coz I knew how I’d been diligent in that subject.

AJ and I went home at around 1:30 and there was this unpleasant guy in the jeepney who scolded me, nakaupo na lilipat pa. and I didn’t answer him back coz I still have respect for old cheap guys na pumapatol sa mga babae. When we went down I told AJ: p.i. na lalaking yun, e kung umuusod ba naman siya, bwisit na lalaking yun! F*c*k talaga siya!!!! And Aj was like, bayaan mo na. Haay nako, ano pa nga ba???!!!

I went to school this morning to get my FILIPI2 and LITERA1 course cards, I got 4.0 on both subjects. I was happy! Imagine, I got 4.0 on all of my FILIPI subjects, I hope it would be the same with the majors, hehe, (ang kapal ko! haha, sabagay, hindi naman masama mangarap! Haha!)

My Grades as of Today:

FILIPI2: 4.0


LITERA1: 4.0




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