Saturday, November 11, 2006


1. Be a dl (again!)
2. Good grades
3. I want him fro Christmas (=p)
4. A continuous connection/communication with 'him' after this term
5. Be his friend on friendster
6. silver havaianas
***in my dreams***
7. bouquet of pink roses
8. pooh bear stuff toy
9. cadbury chocos
10.clothes, again! inc. skinny jeans (hehe!)
11.peep toe sandals
12.doll shoes
13.perfume (new scent!)
14.kikay needs/make-up
15.slippers, haha! again!!
17.sun sim
18.another fone
19.gala galore with my highschool friends
20.A Happy Christmas! and a Merry New Year!


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