Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What A Wonderful Day!

I started the day right, and I was sure of that (even if I didn't arrive early in school.!)
I had a day full of smiles and laughters. I really wanted to stop the hands of time so I could have longer chit chats with people I really miss!
And before I go thoroughly about spending the day with my high school friends, I would want to post what happened in school this morning.

Well, ALGE101 was my first class, our lesson ended already, I mean, the entire lessons for the whole term. And I was like, thank God, it was done already, I just hope I'd receive a 2.5 or a better grade in my course card! hehe. Well, it's not bad to hope for something good. Hehe.

FILIPI3 - I know, I'd be missing this class for sure, especially my groupmates and seatmates! They had been sooo good to me and I appreciate everything they had shown me.

We didn't have LITERA1. I met-up with Jann for an important matter. And she was able to read my posts here, hehe. Now, she knew all the crazy posts. hehe. I'd be missing her this Christmas Break! And oh, I was soo glad to know I'd be spending another term with her, and yep, that would be the next term. I'd see her everyday because we would be classmates in PHILPER (MWF 11:40-12:40) and LITERA2 (TH 11:20-12:50). She and Jenn (her twin) had been my good friends and I love them!! =)

The Center of the Day! - My high school friends.
I was with my Bezzy, Bry, Jana,Lee and Vinch.
Met-up with them in Starbuck's Taft, and they helped me in my GENDERS project! Ohh guys, thanks! My Savior!!! My heroes! Haha, Joke!!! But I really wanted to thank you!
Guys, this Christmas huh?! Let's pursue the plan!! It's been months I think since I had a DAY with you guys!! I wanted to stop the hands of time (when I was with you) so we could have longer chit-chat, slash updates, etc. I love You Guys!!!

short mesage for someone: ( I know, You know Who You are)
If you get to read this, I wanted to apologize for everything I did against you! I didn't mean to act like a fool, I just don't know how to treat you. I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't find the perfect second to tap your back and ask: How's life goin' on? or say You know, I missed you friend! I didn't have the courage to be nice to you coz I was embarassed with everything I did. I wanted to fix everything with you, I mean, I wanted to be friends with you again! I failed to show you how thankful I was to be your friend and I just hope it wouldn't be too late to regain the closeness and the friendship we had!

I was sooo sorry friend! I hope you'd get to read this.


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