Thursday, November 02, 2006

This Time's For Real

I guess, this would be the time., I'm ready to let him go. This time..would never be the same. I mean, when I say I'm ready, I'm ready, mark that word. I've given enough tears and pain. I've hurt myself so much, so I just have to put an ending to all of those. We're not just meant to be. I love him, and I guess, that's just it. We could never be more than what we were before. We're never the same since I had this feeling. Although I've tried blaming myself a thousand times, in the end, I found myself saying I should not regret because I won't realize if he's really there for me or not. There was never a time wherein I came across this phase. I thought we would be friends forever, but every beginning has its endings. If this would be the end of what I used to believe- a friendship, I'm ready to go away from that dead end. I want to start a new life. When I thought I could not endure losing a friend, I found a way to conquer the pain of experiencing that. I never wanted to let go of anyone else, but this was the only way to get things better. I once said he was the music in my life:

In my life there aint no melody
In my life there aint no harmony
To help me sing a song
All I need is a cue
While I'm waiting for you
Here in my life
Boy in my life
You are the melody
Coz In my life, you are the song
Now I guess, somebody else was the real music of my life. Someone who knows when to fill up the missing pieces of the song, someone who knows when to sing with me in the middle of the rain..someone who could endure the disappointment and the frustration when I lost in a singing contest..Someone who could love me as I make new melodies. Sometimes, love's just aint enough, I'm ready to let go of the hand that didn't mind touching mine.


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