Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Tuesday

Hmm, I call this a day, even if it's too early to call this a day.
Although my day's not perfect, I could consider it good and,,I don't know the word so I'd just tell the story. hehe.

FILIPI2: My class was @ Gox, so I went there right after going to the chapel.
We didn't have much to do except that Sir Astorga (one of my favorite profs) gave us something to answer. After our activity, I went to him and we had a short talk, I just asked him about the Filipino Profs who'd teach FILMCRI and FILDIAS next term. He told me they were good, I didn't ask anymore about the FILDUBS prof coz I know him already, Sir Correa's my prof in Filipi3. We finished early (as usual) and I didn't go straight to Miguel after class, I stayed for a while and had a chit-chat with Charlyn.

GENDERS: Omigah! I want to scream!!! Haha, not because of fear but I'm happy! so much that I couldn't explain its extent. Well, I saw him. Hehe, actually, he was earlier than me. I really like him, I mean, his being a gentleman, really, I like talking to him coz I feel like I'm highly respected. Gossshhh, lucky is the girl who'll make you fall. How I wish I was that girl! Hehe, Feeler! Seriously, I really enjoy talking to him coz he listens to everything I say like this morning, I told him I was fat (before), he couldn't believe it, he told me
HIM:Hindi nga with a smile.
I said, oo, totoo.
HIM:Gaano kataba?
I answered mga 1 and 1/4 ko siguro ngayon, haha, pakita ko sa'yo pic ko next time, then I got my folder coz I'd be taking out my flowchart,
HIM:Akala ko dala mo.
Hindi. hehe.
HIM:Talaga?1hindi ko maimagine. (He told me he couldn't imagine I was fat)
A lot of things happened, I mean, we've shared a lot of things/words, etc. In short, I was able to talk to him coz I sat beside him. To summarize: I'm happy, that's all I could say.
HISTCIV: Nothing much happened except for the fact that we discussed Rome.
After Class: I had a talk with Jenn and Jann (they're twins!). Jenn saw him already but I think she didn't really see him that much because he was too far, nevertheless, there were other time. =)
I was left with Jann and we went downstairs because Jenn had classes still. I was doing a little of stalking. Haha. Joke!
Jenn and Jann, if ever you'd get to read this: I'm happy I found You! I now have the reasons to make each day happy and worthwhile! I enjoy your company! I enjoy being your friend! I promise, I'd forever be. =) **hugs**


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