Friday, November 03, 2006

Killing Time, D' Latest, and the Debutante

I'm here @ our school's nook. My Algebra Prof dismissed us early (I mean, only those who took the quiz last MOnday). I was hesitant to step out of the room since I have nothing to do. My next class would be 9:20 so I still have 1 hour to kill. **sigh**

I had my third quiz in algebra last Monday.
In the midst of heavy rain, my *uck*ng umbrella was destroyed. I had to walk under the rain. Thank God I saw Roselee, I was able to share the umbrella with her.

TUESDAY: Read my post: Crushie II

WEDNESDAY: Went to the cemetery. I wasn't able to go to Gen. Tri coz my lola here in Imus asked me to be with her. So I ended up spending November 1 in Imus.

THURSDAY: You could also read my previous posts. And by the way, our GENDERS prof show us our midterm grades. I got 89.97. My classmates told me it was high, but for me, I guess, it's not really. I have to work harder for the remaining meetings and days of the term.




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