Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Glad, Our Roads Crossed

I might not be in the perfect place to say how much I'm happy knowing you.
I never imagined someone like you,so gentle, so kind and so sensible would meet my path.
I really wanted to Thank God for being your classmate/groupmate. How I wish this term would not come to an end but hey, life's a matter of moving on, sometimes, things have to change so we'd be able to grow.
I didn't know how to say goodbye to you, but I guess, I didn't have to, No goodbyes for us. I hope I'd see you again and be your classmate again, and oh, I forget, See you around La Salle.

Haaay, if only I could tell you how special you were., but I guess, I couldn't do that. I'm afraid, you might go away, so far that I couldn't see you anymore.

Well, I think, this post was too dramatic. I didn't know why I'm getting like this.

It's only now that I've thought of this, maybe it's destiny, I mean, I think everything's according to God's plan,I wasn't suppose to take GENDERS this term, but something pushed me to take it, I couldn't explain but I guess, our roads are meant to cross.

Thank God, I met You.


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