Sunday, November 12, 2006

If He's Happy, I'm Happy Too

I know he's happy last Thursday. Who wouldn't be? receiving that kind of grade?
You know____________, I was so happy you did it.
I've been thinking so hard if my paper would help you a lot. I was glad, my
paper did, or should I say, I was proud, I did. Helping you meant a lot to
me. I like you but I guess, I should keep quiet. I wanted
to regret about not knowing you as early as September 12, 2006; 9:40 a.m,
at M307. I was pre-occupied by my senior friends then, because my
mind's still fresh about my friend's party. But, I guess, being able
to know you at the right time would mean so much. I would forever keep you
anywhere in my system. Thank God, you came, even if you were not the right


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