Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas, Again

little santa - My Brother, Marcell
Well, Christmas is fast approaching, and I think, there will only be 30 something days to go before the celebration, and I'm still busy with schoolworks, well, I mean, quite, coz the presentations are over, the only things left are the final project and paper in GENDERS; final exam and two more quizzes in ALGE101; and I also have to finish reading MY BROTHER MY EXECUTIONER before December 3. Well, actually, I should be finishing it before December 4, but since I'm OC, I want to finish reading it earlier. =)
I'm quite excited for Wednesday, coz I'll be seeing my high school friends again! Yipee!! I hope the plan will pursue, coz if not, I'll be sad, no respondent for my project and no moment with them. ohhh. So the best thing - plan well! =P
Jamu and I will mark another videoke day on Thursday, yep, November 30. And I'm excited, I'll be giving my best shot! Hehe!
And oh, I'm quite excited as well to go to 168,and that will be on Friday, the first day of December, I'll be buying clothes again, and also bags,peep-toe sandals and all other stuff!
Our school wants to tell every student that Christmas is really coming, our bell is not the usual bell but Joy To the World that will give you LSS. And there are also Christmas decors around the campus.
So there, I'll be posting again! I want to rest now coz I got tired from my 3 hour make up class that make me feel like I'm a Math Major! 3 hour-ALGE101-lessons, that isn't good, but not really bad!


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