Saturday, November 18, 2006


Why do I have to compute algebra problems? They seem to be useless! Boo algeb homework! Boo algebra! I hate math to the nth time, I see life as very practical that's why I never fell in love with Math. I've never been good in it!
Anyway, I hate to remember that the term is about to end! I'm getting emotional! This seems to be the best term! I have friends, I have nice classmates and groupmates, add him and my term's really, Wow! This one's really great and hmmm, wonderful too!
Hmmm, and another thing, I really don't know how to begin a normal life after this term. Don't get me wrong, my life's not abnormal, it just seems to be on its peak.And speaking of normal life, I think I'll be having a hard time thinking about him - that we'll never be classmates again. Haaay, ang hirap pala kapag higher batch ang crush mo, the possibility of being his classmate (again!) is very little. My stories about him seem to be monotonous. I've been telling my friends about him each and every single day, and that forgetting him will be far and difficult.
I've always been a drama queen, but I never considered being one as a negative attitude. There's nothing wrong with being emotional and I have to say that I get attached with people in the fastest time especially if a person ahs been very good to me. I cherish every people I meet, especially the moments I have with them.

as an ending, I just want to leave a question for those people who get to visit my blog:

how can you live through this? parting is such a sweet sorrow.


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