Saturday, October 28, 2006



Yesterday, we checked our Filipi3 (midterm) paper/exam. I was a little nervous and excited about it. Nervous because I don't like to get a super low grade (who does anyway?). Excited because I'm hoping for lots of bonus points.
On one part, the instruction said: Magsulat ng 10 sa 12 pamahiing pampasko ng mga Ilokano
My classmates were complaining about it, coz they didn't memorize those stuffs. So while they were complaining I was just N.R coz I knew those things. One of my classmates said: Sir, lima na lang tapos 2 points each.
Sir said he'll think about it. I still wrote ten (10) coz I wanted to be sure.
back to the present:
Sir said: Kung ilan ang sinulat niya, times 2.
***I wrote 11 out of 12 pamahiin, so in that part I got 22 points***
*12 bonus points in my part*
I was like: Weee!!! hehe.
Over all, I got 97/100, but I have 10 more bonus points coz I watched Ethno Lasalyano, so my score will be 107/100.
I hope sir will add the excess points in my other quizzes coz some of them were not good.

Met up with Jamu yesterday. We did our bixo, yep, the videoke thing. Haha. It was fun, even if we got grades we don't deserve. I really miss our videoke days, and most especially, I miss my friend, Jamu. I hate it when time says tick-tack-tick-tack when I'm with Jamu, I really lurve her company.
Jamu and I were making fun of some things like the dolls in the toys section. We were talking about our future plans like party in my condo (when I have my own unit in the future) and the party should have a theme; and we also talked about nightlife things and what to wear, and we were making fun of some dolls and think about wearing what those dolls wear.
We also looked for a nice bag coz Jamu asked me to accompany her. She said I'm the critic so she listened to my comments, like when she sees a bag appealing to her taste and budget, she instanly consults it to me, if I disagree, she'd not consider buying that bag.
Jamu ended up buying a bag I liked, although the bag didn't fit with her budget she still bought it coz maybe, she found it cute as well.
We went home @ around 6pm.


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