Monday, October 02, 2006

Not for ADMU

ADMU lost.
I hate it, it's always like that, I mean, last year, I'm on the ARCHERS side and they lost against FEU. Grrr.
I don't know what to say, JC Intal cried so hard and I'm like naawa lang. Gosh, if JC Intal didn't miss his two attempted shots during the last seconds of the game, ADMU may have won with I think 2-4 point lead. I saw his effort but man, maybe the game's not just theirs.
Chris Tiu: so damn hot! haha!
** ADMU supporters (esp. kate, ja, etc.)**
Okay lang yan. ganun talaga. Haaay, next year, may tension factor na kami, may ANIMO na naman. May kanya-kanyang time talaga para mag-champion, like last year, FEU won and last last year LA SALLE, nothing's consistent naman, I mean, who would have thought USTE would have gone that far db?

ADMU may have not placed first but I must say, In the eyes of their supporters, they did their best and they have done a good game. It's not about who lost and who brought the bacon, the game's a matter of how the teams learned from that experience.


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