Saturday, October 28, 2006


According to my Litera1 prof, Ms. Lua, there were only three things that make up our existence:

1. Something to do

2. Someone to LOVE

3. Something to hope for

After she said those things, I told myself : She's right, definitely. I've been convinced by what she said. I brought out my pen and notebook immediately to jot down those things. When I got home, I reflected by what my profie said,
I have something to do: I study, actually, I have lots of things to do aside from studying, I go out with my friends once in a while, I surf the net, and the list goes on.
Someone to love: naturally, people would say they love GOD, their family and their friends, I agree, coz I do as well, in addition to that, I love HIM and some of my friends knew about who's HIM. I mean, I still love him, but the fact that he could never be mine hurts me the most, but acceptance was not impossible, I guess, I'm already making my way to recovery, but the truth that I still love him was left behind.
Something to hope for: I look forward to the future, I mean, I study very hard to attain what I really want. I have sacrificed so much to enter the door of my dreams, and now that I have entered that door, I have to disregard every impossiblities and grab every opportunity.


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