Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Crushie II

OMG!!! Geee! It's been a while since I had this feeling. I think I'm blushing while I'm typing this blog. Gossshhh!!! I couldn't explain this feeling!! Haha.

What happened?
It's like this, we had __________ this morning (I left the subject blank, so might as well ask me anyway, if you're interested). I was early (as usual) because my ever-funny/bubbly/whatever adjective perfect to describe him, Dr. Ert Astorga dismissed us early.So I went upstairs with excitement, I felt that way coz I was pretty sure I'd see him. Haha. He was never absent nor late in our previous meetings and that's one thing I like about him - he was an early bird. =P I went straight to the C.R to fix myself and of course, I wanted to pee (talk about that here? Oh well, I don't care being honest here!!) so I went there first before sitting at the lobby. After a few minutes, I finished my business in the comfort room ( I mean my kikay routines and the peeing). I went to the lobby (4th floor of Miguel) and sat for a while so I could read my reviewer in Histciv (coz I thought we'd be having a quiz).
***minutes later***
while I was waiting for the PSYCH class(I guess) to get out of the room, he came, so I was like (at the back of my mind) Gossshhh, he's here! I acted normally and as if I don't have something for him, he was in a formal attire (without a coat) so I was like, Gosssh, he looks so clean, he looks like a real gentleman. We greeted each other coz we've known one another for we were groupmates. He stood beside me. We got to talk for a while. I've known some info about him: that he was ID 104, he had his speech for ENGLTRI this morning that's why he was wearing formal; and he was an ISA student. Thank God, I know a prof in the IS department so I asked him if that prof became his prof, and he said yes, and blah blah blah, (he said something like that prof was his prof last term, something like that). He took a glance or a look a think in my reviewer, damn, If I only knew we didnt have a quiz, I should have a longer chit-chat with him, we only have 8 meetings left in that subject, and I promise, I would make the best out of those meetings left. haha. When we went inside, I sat near him, I wasn't able to stare at him coz we watched a film. Gosssh, Thursday, oh Thursday, I'd see you and him again.!!!
when Aj and I met during dismissal, I told her about my crushie, I was really kinikilig while walking towards north gate, she said: namumula kana. nakakatawa ka.I guess, that kilig was unstoppable coz I couldn't get him out of my mind the whole noon. Gossshhh, and even now, I was kinikilig talaga.
Haaay, if only I felt this nung first meeting pa lang. I should have done something better.


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