Wednesday, October 11, 2006

25 Things

I just want to be so ambitious here. Hehe. I just want to share the features, attitudes that I look for in a guy:
I just want to make this clear, these are just the qualities/features that make my head turn, haha.
1.fair skinned or maputi
2.tall (definitely taller than me or kasintankad ko. =p)
3.thin-average body ( I don't like chubby guys, hehe.)
4.has a straight hair
5.good looking of course!
OTHER QUALITIES: the following qualities make my heart says like (Ohhh, GooossSSh!)
6.has an ambition in life ( but not the nerdy type)
8.knows how to make me laugh
9.knows how to comfort me
10.knows how to compute mathematical problems (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
11.may-kaya (don't be deceive, hindi ako mukhang pera!, I just want a person with a kinda stable status)
14.knows how to cook rice in kaldero, haha, coz I don't know how, I only use rice cooker
17.can be a good friend (to me, to my friends and to every people around me)
18.a person who can be friends with my family
19.a person who can sing with me kahit sintunado ( I don't need a singer here, kahit hindi, okay lang, basta kaya niyang sakyan ang mga trip kong kanta)
20. understanding
21. genuine person
22. a person who knows when to wipe my tears
23.a person na kayang hulaan kung anong kanta ang pwedeng magpa fall sa kin. haha.
24.mature (ang pag-iisip ha?!)
25.knows how to balance his time

**well, these are all, hehe, it will be funny, kasi whenever nagkakagusto ako, hindi naman lahat ng mga 'to nasusunod, siguro, kahit hindi lahat, basta yung mahal ako. haha. at most importantly, yung mahal ko noh?!


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