Tuesday, September 19, 2006


: first recitation in ALGE101
:first formal discussion in FILIPI3
LITERA1: oh, yeah, we won, landslide! haha, oh yeah, we're good in answering riddles. haha. Thanks to Jas, she knows a lot, haha, definitely,. And I just want to claim that I'm the one who gave the "langka" haha, my groupmates didn't know I was the one who coached our groupmate, eniweiz, it's owkei, we won and that's the important thing, hehe, Thanks to Miss, she gave us 2 choco mallows (HERSHEY'S) I ate the red one, the strawberry flavored choco mallow while I gave the other one to my kid cute chubby brother JB. hehe.

FILIPI2:I recited. Yey! And I got a perfect score on our first quiz. Yeah, cool! I love it! Sir Ert's definitely good and cool and very funny. oh Yeah!

**Met up with Mitch. I was supposed to treat her (just a bottle of C2), but I wasn't able to. We parted ways after making some time up in z2 coz she has to meet up with her bf.

HISTCIV: I just enjoyed this class. I recited and I was happy for that. OUr prof's trying not to make the class boring and he was successful in making us laugh in his funny I don't know if he really meant all of his actions. hehe. ***PS: I'm not being ridiculous here! Sorry, If I sound one. hehe.


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