Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Plenty of things to say

Well, as the title goes, I have plenty of things to say.
I want to start this post by saying that I'm happy about being able to be a dl (first term) by attaining a gpa of 3.667. I will not deny that I'm proud of what I've done and I promise to continue what I've started. Another term has started, I have ALGE101(yup, only now.) I'm not good in math but I'll try my very best to perform well in algebra. Hmm, what will I say about my new profs?! Well, I think, they are not terror profs. I'm not having my majors yet, maybe, three terms from now, I may not take my majors next term coz I may probably have a hard time taking may majors and my floating subjects. anyway, I'll think of it.

I still love him. OO, siya nga. I don't know why. Siguro it's just like that when your love's REAL. Sa totoo lang, I don't like the way I'm treating him like now, but I just have to kasi I really don't want to worsen the situation, I mean, feeling ko, if I treat him so well, I cannot help myself and baka kasi isipin niya I'm pushing myself sa kanya. It's hard to be in this situation wherein you don't have an idea where to stand, maybe, kilala niya kung sino siya kasi napapansin naman siguro niya kung anong nangyayari, I know he's not that insensitive para hindi malaman kung sino siya, siguro he looks like a real insensitive person pero deep inside, aware siya about things.
IKAW- oo, ikaw, sorry, I really am, if you get to read this, I'm telling you, I'm sorry. Siguro, hindi man talaga tayo okay ngayon, darating din siguro yung time na, okay na lahat. For the mean time, I just have to heal my heart, and sorry if I caused something na hindi maganda dun sa kung ano man tayo back then (*r*e**s - yun naman tayo dati di ba?) Anyway, I guess, I just have to end here muna, sorry talaga sa kung ano man yung pinapakita ko, I really didn't mean this situation, hindi ko naman 'to ginusto, if I can just turn back the hands of time, siguro, ewan, I tried to keep my feelings pero hindi ko nagawa, pero siguro I should have done something para hindi ako nakakasakit, ewan ko nga kung nasasaktan ka, siguro nagtataka in a way bakit ganun na lang ako sa'yo , kung bakit umiiwas ako, hindi ka kinakausap, I just don't know the right thing to do except sa mga bagay na ginagawa ko, I guess, somehow, nakatulong yung hindi kita kinakausap, kasi, in a way, nakakarecover ako and mas nabibigyan ko ng time yung sarili ko to be happy and to focus sa studies which I am dread serious right now kasi I want to be a dl til my last term sa school. Sorry, but I just need time to think, and I guess, I should not come to you right now kasi I know, you're happy kahit siguro kailangan ganito talaga.


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