Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lessons I've Learned

*not in order*

1.Live life to the fullest
2.Opportunity doesn't knock at your door once, it knocks at you everyday.
3.Friends are not really hard to find, but true friends are.
4.It's not true that first love never dies.
5.There's a difference between first love and first true love.
6.Theres' a difference between giving up and letting go.
7.There's more to life than having a special someone.
8.There are other more important things in this world that need to be given enough attention.
9. God sees our hardworks and give us more than we asked for.
10.True friends are really friends in need.
11.Crying doesn't mean your weak, actually its one way of releasing what you feel, good or bad.
12.It hurts more,,in silence.
13.Sometimes, we need to sacrifice for the betterment of our plans.
14.Prayer Works when it is accompanied by action - ORA ET LABORA (SSC LESSON)
15.Hiding what you feel is a selfish thing.
16.No man is worth a woman's tears. (quote)
17.The very customary: Life is a rollercoaster.
18.Acceptance is really hard but once you are able to do it, the next is history.
19.Sorry is so hard to say.
20.Every person is beautiful. =p


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