Sunday, September 03, 2006

FIRST SEM (SY 06-07)

Wheew, I got my course cards last Thursday, August 31,and I was like, haaayyyy, thank you so much Lord, you gave me more than I asked for, sooo grateful, I couldn’t explain how grateful I was. It was really true that God answers our prayers if it would be accompanied by actions. I just hope, I’d be able to continue what I’ve started this recently concluded term.
What I prayed? I prayed to be a dl (even one of the second honors.). But what I’ve got? My term GPA was 3.667, dl, first honors, who wouldn’t be grateful for that??? I was like enjoying the cloud nine, I promise to study better and give my best shot in all subjects from now until my last term in La Salle. But, I just have one comment, I checked my account, and my term gpa was 3.667, it tallied with mine, but with my parents’ account, my term GPA was 2.725, (which was my gpa last term,) ohhh, that couldn’t be coz my scores there were all the same with what were written in my course cards and with my own account. How would that be!! Grrr!! Anyway, enough for that as long as I would see my name on the dl and be able to get my first-ever certificate. **Sigh***
I just want to extend my sincerest gratitude to all my profs who believed in me, I know they won’t get to read this but I just want let other people know how it feels to be appreciated by anybody in school especially your professors! =) Awww, gonna miss you all dear profs! I’d forever keep your encouraging lines, because of you I have worked hard and would continue to work hard, we might not see each other next term but, no goodbyes dear profs!


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