Thursday, September 14, 2006

131st Post

1.I posted a message for him in this blog last tuesday. I just want to be so honest with what I feel. I still love him, but I know I cannot go beyond anything else, I just have to be contented with what we have now, maybe we're not really doing good but, I guess, I deserve such hurt because I intended to be in this situation and when I loved him, I already accepted the consequences, so be it.

2. I promise to be good this term, I mean, I want to continue the good start. DL forever, yeah, that's what I want.

3.I saw Lee last TUesday and we had a short talk. We even went to the chapel for a moment.

4.May kumalabit sa kin sa 2nd flr ng lib- Liana, hehe. Prof niya pala si Dr. Almandrez. Hehe. Eniweiz, I know, she can make it, If I did, of course kaya niya rin.HEhe.

5. I saw my crush? crush nga siguro tawag dun, I saw him yesterday sa mig, while I'm on my way to my filipi3 class. He's gwapo kasi for me, and hehe, maybe, nakikita ko sa kanya yung dati kong crush, hehe, la lang, crush ko siya pag nakikita ko siya, haha, =p FYI: He's taking up AB Psychology, ID 105, a friend of a friend,he's maputi,mejo tall,mahilig siyang magsuot ng orange at black, hehe.

6.IYA VILLANIA's my classmate in filipi3. She looks nice, I mean, she's not a snob, she's soo simple.

7. I saw LJ REYES last Tuesday, magkakilala pala sila ni Lee. She's simple too.

8. Well, I'm liking my FILIPI2prof, sobra, hehe, I will never forget what he told us:
"ngayon lang kayo magkakaroon ng teacher na pokpok" haha, =P

9.I haven't seen Paul Tiongson around, hehe, I don't know why, he's in La Salle na naman but I don't get to see him,btw, Paul has been my elem crush but not until now, hehe,.

10. I don't see **, hehe, I'm not actually looking for him, it's just that I want to see him, haha, bring back the old days, joke, hehe, haay, enough for this, past is past.


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