Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's the good in goodbye?

HEALING - that's what I'm doing now, this time's for real. I don't know how I've come to this point wherein I have learned to accept everything and eventually. starting to let go, or should I say, I have given up, coz it's really hard to love someone who can never be yours. The past is enough, I mean, my tears are all enough, and I guess, I've ruined the thing we have built year/years ago, but, although I'm doing a hard thing now, I can still manage to make myself feel better, I mean, I don't cry anymore, and that's one thing I'm proud of, and most especially, I'm healing my heart and the wounds he caused me all by myself, I guess, that's the good in goodbye, although there's no possibility at this point if we can still manage to go back from where we used to be, the good part is that, I'm not getting emotional each and every day, the quote is right to say that, you hurt yourself when you look back, and that's one thing I get rid off - looking back, coz if I am to, I wil repeatedly hurt myself, and that's obviously a stupidity.
something's new: healing all by myself is obviously something new,. I've never done this before coz I used to fall so fast with the other guy while I'm on the process of healing, but now's totally different, and I'm proud of myself, maybe that's what God wants me to learn. Soon, I'm going to love again, but I can't tell when, and when that happens,I'll be very careful.


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