Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the term has ended

yey! back to blogger! I'm back to the blogging world!
eniweiz, my term break starts tomorrow, but i'll still be going to school to adjust. (don't be misunderstood, mar&I will be taking saliksik next term, that's why!), hehe

arrrgg, I'm nervous about rels. huhu. i don't want to recall, i'll just think of it next week, thursday, course card distri, waaahhhh!!!!

anyways, i want to say: i'm going to miss my intphil class, huhu, A52! I wish we can all be classmates until we finish our respective courses! Sir Unson! you're really nice! I'll look for you when I take PHILPER AND PHILORL hehehe! I thought I'll be having a hard time learning INTPHIL, but, hey, I'm wrong, I have to say, it really depends with the prof! hehe! I really want to thank my INTPHIL prof for believing with my writing capacity, and for appreciating my effort in his subject!

to be a dl! I'm really serious about this!!!! I'll treat my friends AJ and Mich if I'll be a dl. hehe, but they don't know what my plan is, I'll just tell them when I know the results of my performance. hehe.

by the way:
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