Friday, August 25, 2006

Advance Adjustment, Brother Andrew Bldg, Clothes etc

I went to school yesterday to adjust. I asked our acad assistant to let me have LASARE1. I was with mar yesterday, she introduced me to Gio Limjoco. hehe, at first I didn't notice Gio, hehe, I thought he was taller than me, but, not pala, I think, we just have the same height or he was smaller by an inch or half an inch, I didn't know, hehe.
Mar asked me to help her in her ENGLTWO final paper, I just did, "that's what friends are for!"
After typing, Mar and I went to EGI to print her paper. We went to A bldg afterwards, haha, yesterday was my first time to go inside the newly built Andrew Bldg, ahha, funny as it might seem. ahhaha.
verdict: Well, I loved the building! When you're inside, it's like you're inside a hotel, very nice!
Anyway, I met up with Charmie yesterday after going to school, we went to SM BAC, and, haha, I was supposed to buy a gift for JANA but I failed to, ehhe, I ended up buying clothes, hehe, anyway, it was my plan to by clothes for the next term but it was unplanned to buy as early as yesterday, hehe, I wsn't sure if mom and I would pursue going to 168 before 2nd term starts, but she said we'd go there next month. hehehe, I just hope I have a lot of bucks when that happens. These are thhe list of things I bought yesterday:
1.(next jeans)-white capri pants
2.(next jeans)-spag strap blouse
3.(paddocks)-pink t-shirt
4.(bcny)-white t-shirt with print
5.(petite monde)-blue sleeveless blouse printed with a flower (i don't know the name of the flower, hehe)
6. (bizarre)-blouse ( I couldn't describe, sorry, hehe, all Icould say was it was two-colored, hehe)
7.(paddocks)-blue green t-shirt for mom, but she said, the shirt was a little smaller, I said, don't give the shirt to other, just start your diet, hehe,

anyway, these were all for now, btw, I want to say something to my fellow LA SALLITES

enjoy the term break!


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