Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time Flies so Fast

Oh, it's July already. I couldn't feel that another term was about to end, it's already our midterms but this week would be no midterm exam week for me, i gotta have my relstwo midterm exam next week, Tuesday.
I'm quite excited for Saturday. I didn't know why, I'd surely gonna attend the Teambuilding Activity of my other org, WG, and I think, knowing new la sallites makes me feel quite excited, coz I really like making friends, I love dealing with a lot of people. WG's GA would be next week, Wednesday, U-Break at z^2 canteen/ 2nd floor. Aha, speaking of next week Wednesday, We'd be having our second long exam in artsche and we're going to wear formal attires again, maybe Sir Unson won't be asking me anymore about the attire. hehe. Speaking of orgs, I attended my other org's GA kaninang U-Break, it's not really my decision to attend but my mind changed when I entered SJ 108, nakakahiya kay AJ coz, supposedly, I'd accompany her at JEMA's GA, but too bad, my mind changed. Anyhow, I didn't regret coz I enjoyed somehow. I've got to meet new people and that really made me smile, although I wasn't able to go home early, the time was worth somehow. I'm thinking if I'd sign up the application form for the officer thing, coz I really couldn't assure if I'd be an active member of Sophia or WG, I like writing, I'm very much in love with it, and I guess, I could take into it by being an active member of WG, but it's overwhelming to know that Ate Mara wants me to try for the VP Publicity seat, and , for now, I'd think about it so hard. Lastly, I'm thinking of joining SALOY2006 I really need this for my resume in the near future because I'm A Filipino Mass Media major and I guess, joining SALOY2006 could help me a lot, not to gain popularity but to gain fulfillment.


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