Friday, July 28, 2006

online enrollment

few minutes more then the server will be complicated again. actually, at this point, the server's slow already, i hope, the server will bge very useful for the next hour!!! OH, fate, please permit, i wanna get a nice sked for the second term.

wheeeewww, i'm a little bit tensed coz i'm serious in having all my classes in the morning, i hate breaks, that's why i'll be patient enough when hunger calls. gooossshhh, i hate this kind of feeling - tension, i don't even have the right to pee coz if i am to, then, this pc will be occupied by another person and i cannot enrol myself fast. waaaaa, gossshhh, i'm tensed, i'm hungry but i don't have the right to eat for the moment.

m gonna leave for now.

good luck to me


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