Friday, July 14, 2006

My Whole Week

Monday: Well, nothing much happened except i had a hard time riding the bus coz they won't stop! FS! I thought I'd be late for my first claz, but, well, God's good, I wasn't. And I just want to complement to our short skit, twas fun. hahahahahaha!
Tuesday: The hell day, coz we had an exam. I thought I'd faint during my artapre class coz I had a headache, and I felt like my world's turning around. Thank God, Aj asked me if I wanted to eat, I agreed, of course!
Wednesday: I had to wear skirt though it was raining hard! I didn't know what to react, artschea54 was saved by Florita, we didn't have the seconcd long test coz classes were suspended.!
Thursday: No Classes! Bwahahahaha! Ms. Pe texted me that our dance presentation was moved next week, Thursday! whew! Thank God!
Friday: The quiz was like duh?! Gosh! I didn't know the answers! I just guessed a lot! Goodness! Bahala na si Batman!


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