Saturday, July 22, 2006

For You

I will love again, even if it takes a lifetime to get over you, heaven only knows, I know one day, I'll love again.
-Lara Fabian(I will love Again)

I didn't know what magical powers you possess that made me fall in love with you. I welcomed you with open arms years ago, spent happy memories with you and all, but how were we now? Or should I ask, was the "WE" still exist?because the"you" went away?or the "I" closed the doors recently?

I loved you and accepted evrything about you. I cherished everything we had. We had countless memories to keep, but now, each possibility of 'sharing' memories again tends to fade away every second of the day. I scrupulously kept my feelings from the very start. It was so hard and painful. It was hurting to be with you but never had the oportunity and courage to show you my love. I knew, you didn't tell me to love you, but, to tell you honestly, I did everything I could to keep myself from loving you, but fate must be playing and fooling around when it srucked me. Love went along from then until now, but, bitterness came too at this point. I felt bitter because you ignored my existence, and you seemed to disregard what we had. I pretended that everything's just normal, but I failed. You continuously acted as if nothing much happened, and then, I got tired. I wasn't bitter because you like someone else nor I didn't want to see you happy, I felt that way because you oftentimes ignored my existence.

I couldn't cry anymore because my eyes had gone dry already. I might be loving you until this very moment, but I knew,I'd love again, someday, soon, and there would be no more "US".

Love look what you've done to me. Bakit hindi na lang pwedeng magmahalan ang lahat? Kung sana, pwede, wala nang masasaktan sa mundonng 'to! Why do I bleed when all I do is LOVE? Bakit hindi ka na lang dumating sa mga taong kayang mahalin ang isa't isa? You're the most wonderful yet the most painful that can ever exist in this world.


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