Friday, July 14, 2006


* i saw him this morning! wehehe! nakasabay ko siya sa elevator! haha! mar and i agreed, he looks like ** aww!! i wanna see him again!

*we still don't have the steps for our artapre presentation! too bad!

* i don't have a crush right now, but i'm in love with this person, but I don't think we still have the same thing as before, a lot of things changed and I guess, we're not okay right now, we're heading different lives and I guess, he's completely happy, contented amd satisfied without me!

*my plan's really on-going! I'm serious about putting myself on the dl again! I was once a dl on my formr school but dlsu's different from ssc, i'm presently enrolled in dlsu and i'm brave enough to say that i wanna graduate with flying colours.

*i wanna shop for clothes again! I'm looking for a nice bag and a sandals that wud f w/ my nice feet! hahaha!


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