Saturday, July 29, 2006

120th Post

I wanna take this post to say Thank You to my intphil prof, sir unson for appreciating the way I write. I want to share a liitle conversation that happened yesterday during my INTPHIL class.

Sir Unson: Sinong SOPHIA dito?
(SOPHIA members raised their hands, including me)
Sir Unson: umaatend ba kayo ng mga activities?
(we answered:Conflict sa ibang org)
Sir Unson: bakit ano pa bang iba niyong org?
(sir unson asked someone first then he asked me also)
Ikaw Ms. Camet?
ME: WG po
Sir Unson: Ano yun?
ME: Writers Guild po.
Sir Unson: Ah, talaga? Writers Guild ka?
Me: Opo.
Sir Unson: Kaya pala magaling kang magsulat.
(i just smiled coz i didn't know how to react)
Sir Unson: Hindi, totoo, nabasa ko dun sa essay part ng first exam. Perfect ka ba dun sa first quiz?
Me: Hmm,(i nodded with a smile)
(nagkakalokohan sa class)
Sir Unson: Sa susunod hindi na. hehe
Me: Ang sama (with a smile)
Sam: Sa susunod ako naman perfect. (laugh)

Sir Unson, thank you! hehe! I'm flattered! So much! It's heartwarming to know that someone appreciates the way I express my feelings. ***sigh***
For those who haven't taken up INTPHIL and for those who still have PHILO classes, I recommend Sir Unson, he's so kind, i'm not sipsip here but i'm telling the truth, he won't burden you, he can really make hard subjects easy to understand. I hope, the second quiz will be easy like the first, I want to get a perfect score again coz I'm aiming for a 4.0 in Intphil!

Oh yes, I may have been a good pretender before, but now, i'm releasing all the bitterness, every single day,, I'm learning to live my life without his presence, I mean, I'm learning to let go, I've made up my mind that we would never work out as _____________ now and I guess there's a little chance that the "US" could still work out like before. I don't know, time could all the wounds but I don't know if time could bring us back as ________.


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