Sunday, June 11, 2006

When Days Get Like Duh?!!!

* I had a lazy Monday!

* It sucks when you make a sign that you wanna make "sakay" even if you have to stand already but the bus driver won't stop to let you take the ride! I really hate it when I have to wait for abput more or less 20 minutes!

* This thing was one big *UC*!!! "Nasiraan yung San Agustin"! We (Aj and I) paid the fare already and we were already comfortably seated! What The fuck! The bus stopped for a reason we didn't know and couldn't understand! The heat was Up! As in because the aircon turned off when the bus stopped! After a few minutes, the bus went okay, while we were taking on Roxas Boulevard, the bus stopped again and then the aircon was off again! We were looking for something to use as our fans since it was so hot inside the bus! We couldn't decide whether to stay inside or ride another bus or fx, but we were thinking about our fare which we paid already! My fare was 20++ bucks and it was like "sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, basta pwedeng ipamasahe, sayang na!" We didn't have the choice but to go down the bus since "hopeless na!" What made our anger blurted was when we asked the "kundoktor" to have our fares back so we could ride another bus or fx, but he was a big fucking SNOB!!!! We were making "parinig" because of that scumbag! I wanted to brag him but I still have this "respect" for older peepz! It was just annoying coz he was snobbing us! I understand him, somehow, because it's really irritating to be in that situation but. "pwede ba! hindi naman namin kasalanan na masiraan yung bus! pwede ba yung supladuhan kami?!"

*What the heck! Wednesday wasn't fun at all!"Badtrip sa bus!" There's this guy na "sobrang makadikit!" "Kainis! Bwisit!"
And here's another FS! I got a very lowscore in my Artsche quiz! What the hell! I stayed up late! "Ang itim itim na ng ilalim ng mata ko!!!", and all that! suddenly "di ko na maalala yung mga nabasa ko!" it's like you know this and you know that, suddenly, everything went like pfffft! FS ayt? "Sayang naman" my score on the first quiz: 13.5/16! Aaarg! "Pati nung Friday! AAArrrggg!!!!! I'd make "bawi"! Really! Swear! Swear! Swear!


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