Saturday, June 03, 2006

Someone?Something?Makes Me Smile

Hmm, I don't know, hehe.I'm confused. I don't know if someone or something makes me smile these past few days. Hehe. All I know is that I'm quite happy with school coz my profs aren't terror. Although I always have a quiz in chem coz that's what Dr. Ilao said (- a quiz every meeting), I still get to sleep and rest for a while, check my friendster account as well as my myspace account. My relstwo problem seemed to have a solution coz this sunday, I'll be able to work on the parish's office and have my attendance, btw, I'll be doing it for 5 weeks so that will be for the whole month of june from 9-11 am.
Crush? nah! I don't think I have now, coz I'm not capable of liking anybody else after him, although I admit, he's still special and he will always be. Imagine!That's what he did to me.


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