Wednesday, June 14, 2006

FS Bus, Da Vinci Talk, Quiz Quiz Quiz

fucking St. Anthony bus 88014! nasiraan! OMG, in just two weeks nakastrike 2 kami ni aj! anyhow, when I rode san agustin, i didn't pay any bucks naman so parang medyo medyo okay na.

I stayed until 2:30 coz Dr. Almandrez required us to attend the Da Vinci Talk. I was a little sleepy during the talk but may pumasok na guy, he's really goodlooking, so medyo may nakatuwaan kami ni Aj, then, umalis yung katabi ko, ang umupo yung cute guy, hahaha, kaya natatawa talaga ako. hehe. Pero wala lang yun. hehe.. ganun naman ako these past few months, matutuwa lang kasi cute yung guy, pero wala lang. Maybe because there'e this someone who's hurting me but I still consider him very dear and very special.
In line with the talk, I wanna make kwento about the attendance thing. After the talk, I looked for Mae to ask for the attendance,
ME: Mae, may attendance ba?
MAE: Oo, pero hindi ko na alam kung nasaan. may naghahawak kasi nun.
ME: ganun ba, sige, thanks.

Since I was with Aj, I asked her if we could go straight to the department before we have our cuper duper late lunch, she agreed. Then, we went to the Theology department to ask Dr. Almandrez about the attendance thing. I entered the room but I saw that she was about to go out, so I went outside and waited for her, I was a little nervous coz I was afraid she might scold me. but here's what happened:

ME: Ma'am tanong ko lang po yung sa attendance, hindi po kasi ako nakasign.
DR. ALMANDREZ: Yung sa attendance wag mo na intindihin yun. Ayos na sa kin yung makita kita.
ME: Sige po, thank you po.
DR. ALMANDREZ: Maganda, hindi ba?
then smiled. hehe, I felt like something was removed from my throat. haha!


I have deppresingly low scores in my ARTSCHE short quizzes, those 3 fucking quizzes won't hinder me, coz starting from now, I'll study harder, I promise.

Well this mownin:
we had a long quiz in intphil
we had a quiz in artsche and we'd have a long quiz on friday: and I'd be wearing formal?! huh?! i don't know if the clothing i have in mind will be formal. haha. I'll be wearing skirt and I hope it won't rain! haha!


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